Healthy Living : College Life

Maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul is critical to living a happy and fulfilling life. Maintaining only one of these aspects can be a chore for many, and at times maintaining all 3 seems impossible. I look at these components not as 3 separate entities acting independently, but rather 3 pieces of a whole. These 3 pieces are all intertwined. They push and pull on one another, each effecting the other two. Instead of trying to juggle these components, I have found that it is better instead to find a balance amongst them. With that being said, there is a time in many young adults lives where it seems all odds are against them in finding this balance: college.

College can be incredibly full of both emotional highs and emotional lows and can shift from one end of this spectrum to the other in an instant. This is part of the reason why balance can be so difficult to obtain. Even though the boundaries of the 3 categories listed above are very fluid and undefined, I find this issue falling under the “soul” category. When I say “soul” I do not mean it as it is defined by structured religions, but instead use it to describe a persons sense of well being. Out of the 3 components soul may be the most powerful. To obtain a balanced soul the conflicting thoughts and emotions that are constantly battling for your attention must be silenced. Doubt, envy, anxiety, paranoia, vanity, regrets, etc, etc, can sometimes eco so loudly in your head they can inhibit you from living at peace in present with a clear mind, balanced and happy.

A healthy mind is a major factor in obtaining a healthy soul and vice-versa. A healthy mind allows you to stay focused and on task as you take on all your university demands. Keeping a sharp and healthy mind requires the correct balance positive stimulation and rest while limiting negative stimulation. Positive stimulation includes absorbing new information that you are truly eager to learn and tasking and testing your mind in order to strengthen and expand it. This positive stimulation is best done with moments of rest between to prevent mental fatigue. The most important component of this rest would be getting the correct amount of sleep every night. Taking time out of your day to rest your brain between bouts of positive mental stimulation is also very important and can be achieved through simple meditation or any other means of clearing your mind. Negative mental stimulation can consist of substances or dwelling and obsessing over things in your past. Both of these can dull and fog your mind andean cause inhibit yourself from achieving balance.
I saved “body” for last because in typical health articles or blogs it is the first and possibly the only thing addressed. Maintaining a healthy body is however very crucial in order obtaining overall balance. What foods you consume is extremely achieve this. Food is a fuel source for our body and it seems that the pleasurable act of eating has somehow overshadowed that fact for many people. If you want your body to run at full capacity you must fuel it with nutritionally complete and balanced meals multiple times a day. This energy we consume must be put to work multiple times a day in the form of physical activity. There are many ways to put forth this physical activity so going to the gym is not your only option. Just as with the mind, rest is very crucial for healthy body. Sleeping required amounts every night is necessary and also breaking up your bouts of physical activity with rest is also important. By creating a healthy body your mind is able to function at a higher level and your soul becomes more satisfied and balanced.

I believe it is time to look at health in a new way, a way that allows us to truly become the greatest version of ourselves.



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